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CFC,s HCFC,s HFC,s R12 R141b R134a R11 R22 R407c R502 R408A R404A R410A R507

Supply various specifications and e-mail us for any details.

Service Can
1.Custome made packing is allowed
2.Convenient for carrying and repairing, easily for DIY.
3.99.9% high purity
4.Including imported special Lubricant 15g

Lubricant For Compressor
1.Mineral oil-adaptable to CFC Refrigerant
2.AB oil-adaptable to CFC.HCFC Refrigerant
3.POE-environmental complete compositive oil
4.PAG-environmental complete compositive oil
adaptable to CFC.HCFC.HFC Refrigerant

Specialized Lubricant for Compressor
1.Eliminate noise of compressors
2.Prolong the life of compressors
3.Release burden and save oil
4.the biggest burden of an engine is compressor
5.Suitable for all kinds of Compressors

Three in One Combination Fluorescent Testing Kit
1.Three in one combination fluorescent testing kit
2.protection system with special lubrication
3.easy leaking check shorten the working time
4.Little reinforce of refrigerant, smooth system function

Refrigerant Cleaning Agent For Pipelines
1.Clean the oily dirt of refrigerant inside pipelines. Increase the heat exchange rate.
2.The cleanser evaporates quickly and results in no giblests left
3.Complete specifications, easily used

Maintaining Repairing Equipments for AC System
1.Professionally designed, easily operated.
2.High Reliability, Low failure rate, save cost.
3.Various custom made specifications is allowed.

Multifuction AC Compressor Testing Unit--T3000
1.Displacement Testing
2.Vacuum Testing
3.Freon Recharging
4.Freon Recycler

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